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I am so happy you are here!
My name is Stephany Stathopoulos and I have put together this website just for you. You will learn what psychotherapy is, what our time together may feel like, as well as grabbing helpful resources for immediate assistance. Fee
l free to look around!



  • Low-Cost Therapy available! 

  • virtual (Canadian residents) and in-person sessions (Toronto).

  • Accepting MACP Student Practicum applications 


Come As You Are.


As your trusted therapist, I am on your team unconditionally. There is absolutely no need to be anything but your true self with me, whatever that looks and feels like at the time.

From our first hello, and while travelling through your therapeutic journey, I will metaphorically walk alongside you as a secure anchor in your life mirroring that of trust, safety, and a non-judgemental atmosphere. We will spend our time focusing on topics that are meaningful to you and achieving a sense of comfort during any discomfort that may arise (after all, this is therapy!).

As I sit back and attentively listen to your story, my analytical mind will be hard at work. I will pose many questions, observations, and tools helpful in meeting your intentions. No two clients are alike and no two therapeutic journeys are alike; it is the uniqueness of who you are, what you have experienced, and where you are going that matters. I work well with clients who are curious, open minded, and motivated to learn about themselves.

Specialities & Target Issues


Coping Skills

Self-Reflection & Self-Understanding


Relationship & Attachment Theory

Childhood Programming & Inner Child Healing

Life Direction/Coaching

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What is Psychotherapy?

We live in a dynamic world riddled with challenges, responsibilities, and distractions. Therapy provides you with a very significant and powerful pause to check in with yourself. Psychotherapy is ‘talk therapy’, meaning that the practice is grounded in dialogue between you and your therapist. You are granted with designated and uninterrupted time to explore your life in a calm, non-judgmental, and confidential manner, as well as processing experience/trauma in a safe way. Such exploration is paired with powerful insight and coping skill development to better manage your life, body, and relationships. 


In-person services are available. Virtual services can support clients located across Canada

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New Client


A 15-min virtual meeting where you will have the opportunity to share what has brought you to therapy and learn more about how we can support you and your wellness goals.

Click "Book Now" below to book your free consultation.


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1-on-1 sessions give you the opportunity to explore your life and process your inner experience. Together, we will create a therapeutic plan that provides you with a more meaningful life in the ways you desire.



Counselling Intern $90+hst

Registered Psychotherapist $150+hst

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Partner Therapy

Allows for partnerships to engage in a controlled and caring space to intentionally explore challenges and obstacles that are getting in the way of having the kind of relationship you desire.

Registered Psychotherapist $180+hst

Counselling Intern $90+hst

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Virtual Therapy

 Online therapy has all the benefits of in-person therapy – except, we are trading the therapy couch for a comfortable and secure video chat on your computer or mobile device. This allows clients to choose their own location, greater accessibility both for disability and during times of quarantine and illness, and for parents without child care. 


We offer both short and long-term therapy that is tailored to your particular needs and intentions. Both daytime and evening appointments are available.


Click here to learn about our therapy services.

Insurance Coverage

We offer ‘psychotherapy services’ and ‘psychological services’. Please verify the services covered and the coverage allotted per year/session. You will receive a detailed receipt to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. 


OHIP covers only psychiatric services at this time.

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